Digital Cities – Digital Digbeth Day

I recently did a talk at Digital Digbeth Day as part of Digital Cities, a week-long conference of events hosted by the BBC.

I spoke about the work I’ve been doing in my new role at BBC Three to develop new video formats for social platforms and shared the success we’ve had as a channel in the 12 months since launching as an online-only proposition. All in all, it’s looking very positive for youth broadcasting in the digital era, and levels of engagement are at a peak.

If you couldn’t make it, my main point was that we are constantly iterating when we develop content for young audiences. Platforms, change, habits change, and people’s interests change. But the things that remain constant are the drivers of what makes people recognise something that is a) good and b) they want to share. That’s psychology. And it’s very important to the way we work up new concepts and engage with our audience, not just broadcast at them.